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Acwagro Centre Pivot Cell-Phone Interface

Cellular Interface communicates all events to the farmer.

The farmer can change scheduling, switch pumps on or off, as well as receive all task related messages.

System Operation:
The system sends and receives SMS messages from the user to START or STOP the Centre Pivot.
Once a START message was received from the user the control panel will do an auto-restart. From receiving the message there will be a 1 minute delay before activating the pump circuit. Once the water pressure arrives at the pivot, the control panel will do a pressure start.
Note: If there is NO water pressure within a 5 minute window, the control panel will shut-down and an error ("ERR") will be displayed on the screen.

User numbers:
To store "USER 1", then SMS "1234 B" to the system.
Note: If you SMS "1234 B" twice in a row then you will cancel or toggle USER 1 on or off. If there is NO reporting then SMS "1234 B" again to the system.
To store "USER 2", then SMS "1234 C" to the system.

Start/Stop Pivot:
The cell-phone START/STOP function will only work with the control panel being on the WET setting and AUTO-RESTART being in the ON position.
SMS "START" to start the pivot. (Must be capital letters)
SMS "STOP" to stop the pivot. (Must be capital letters)
Please note: The pivot will NOT START if it was started by cell-phone and then stopped by hand at the centre. First SMS the "STOP" command from your cell-phone and then the "START" command once again to un-latch the cell phone START relay.

When the pivot starts successfully, a "PIVOT START" message will be sent to the user.

When the pivot stops for whatever reason, i.e.: Safety overrun, low pressure, power failure, a "PIVOT STOPPED" message will be sent to the user.