Digital Supervision Systems

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Telemetry Systems and Radio Links

Acwagro Remote Pump Start System:

Data Radio internalStart more than one pump over a single communication channel.

System Features:

  • PLC Driven Radio system.
  • Start multiple Pivot/Pumps.
  • Distances from 500 meters to 15 Km.
  • Locally manufactured control panel.
  • Manufactured from high quality components and materials.
  • Parts freely available.

Data RadioUHF Data Radio:

UHF Radio is used to establish communications with the pump through License free frequency. Also used for communications with the network system.

Radio to SMS Translator:

This unit is a combination of a data radio and Cell Phone Module. It integrates all the Pivot and Pump radios to a single cell interface. With this unit, you can control and monitor your irrigation system from any cell phone. This unit has a battery backup system.

Cellular Interface:

Cellular Interface communicates all events to the farmer. The farmer can change scheduling, switch pumps on or off, as well as receive all task related messages.