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  • Proudly servicing the Agricultural Sector for over a decade.

  • All our products are manufactured according to the most stringent safety standards.

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Acwagro Centre Pivot Control Panel

New generic panel

  • Locally manufactured generic control panel to suit your specific needs.
  • Manufactured from high quality components and materials.
  • Improved safety circuit
  • Parts freely available.

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Acwagro Variable Speed Drives

VSD useVariable speed drives box

  • Energy savings.
  • Longer pump lifetime.
  • Alteration in running auxilliary pumps based on operating hours.
  • Soft starts, protecting the mechanical & electrical installation.

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Acwagro Centre Pivot Alarms

Centre Pivot Alarms

  • Multi-tasking, real-time operating system.
  • Twelve level deep event history log with date and time.
  • 24Hr test message, indicating system status, etc.
  • Panel door close reminder audible warning.

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